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Big News on Culture and society, covering issues on LGBT, books, theatre and photography in the US and abroad

40 Provocative Social Issue Ads That Carry Very Powerful Messages

Advertising has always been thought of as a crappy and noisy trade, but if an Ad is designed properly to…

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Meet The Bosozoku Girls of Japan! The Female Motorcycle Gang

Bosozuku meaning ‘violent run tribe’ consists of biker gangs which rebel against the strict rules of Japanese cultural in favor…

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Couple Crosses River Hanging from Their Back Piercings

A couple have managed to break a world record, and certainly some pain barriers, when they crossed a river in…

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All in on Love – John Legend At Penn’s 258th Commencement Ceremony

Before he was a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter — and long before he scored his first No. 1 single on the Hot…

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This Little Girl Is Watching Her Own Birth For The Very First Time!

No one was able to hold back the tears after watching this sweet video of this little girl watching her…

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It’s Officially! Kanye West marries Kim After Obtaining License in California

We all know that Kim and Kanye are very public people, and their love for the being in the press,…

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Americans Can’t Pass Their Own Citizenship Test

This week by members of the Immigrant Archive Project as part of an oral history project that collects the stories…

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Donald Sterling, Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Told His Girlfriend That He Doesn’t Want Her to Bring Black People to His Games

Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers told his girlfriend that he doesn’t want her to bring black people…

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Relatives Disguised As Homeless Ignored By Loved Ones On Street In This Jarring Social Experiment

In a video produced by ad agency Silver + Partners and Smuggler for the New York City Rescue Mission, several…

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John Paul Stevens, Retired Supreme Court Justice Says US Should Legalize Marijuana

The public opinion on Marijuana legalization has shifted drastically in recent months, most recently, retired Supreme Court justice John Paul…

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World’s First Married Lesbian THREESOME Are Expecting A Baby in July

Doll, Kitten and Brynn, The world’s only “married”(read further to know why married is in quotes here) lesbian threesome, from…

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Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner Hanging Out and Having A Good Time At the Coachella 2014 – All In Pictures

The Coachella is notorious for making anyone at all look, dress and feel like a hipster, even if they are…

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Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional About Her Gay Aunt During speech At GLAAD awards

Jennifer Lopez also received a special GLAAD award at the organization’s Los Angeles ceremony. Actress and Rita Moreno presented Lopez…

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The Best Dance Moves From A To Z In One Insane Video

In this video, a group of talented dancers demonstrate every dance style from A to Z on the rooftops of…

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#inlabour – Pregnant Twitter Employee Live Tweets 14-hour LABOR

Claire Diaz-Ortiz chose a different approach when she went into labor yesterday. She chose to tweet her 14-hour labour live!…

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OMG! What Have We Turned Into? This Bride Checks Her Phone During Her Wedding As Vows Are Being Said

Our need to stay connected has gotten the best of us. In this video a bride picks up the phone…

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Fleur Willems And Erika Kohnen Attached Barbie Legs To Parking Meters In San Francisco To Raise Awareness About Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a realtime in San Francisco. Tourists and locals enjoying the attractions as if nothing were going on…

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Life Changing Prank. Waitress Chelsea Roff gets over $1000 in Tip And Two Tickets To Hawaii

The whole point of the prank was to go against the trend of negative pranks that are taking over the…

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You WIll Not Believe How Lady Gaga Dressed To The Last Show At The Roseland Ballroom in New York City

The Roseland Ballroom is shutting its doors after 95 years, to mark the closure, there was one final event. Gaga…

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Call Me Kuchu Trailer: A Film About Gay People in Uganda

In Uganda and most sub-Saharan African countries, same-sex relationships are currently illegal. It’a crime punishable by incarceration in prison for…

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