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Big News on Culture and society, covering issues on LGBT, books, theatre and photography in the US and abroad

Meet Men And Women Behind The Beautiful World Of Burlesque – True Lives of Burlesques in Pictures

The impression that most people have about the world of burlesque is that it’s a sensational world filled with pasties,…

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Street artist JPS Lightens Up London With Humous Witty Graffiti Laced With Pop Culture Puns

Street artist JPS is leaving drops of his sense of humor all over London. The city has never looked more…

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Martine (born Martin) Rothblatt – Highest Paid US Female Executive Had Sex Change at Age 40

The highest paid female business executive in the United States was born a male. Martine (born Martin) Rothblatt is head…

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VIDEO: BuzzFeed Presents The Complete Guide To Sexting

Sexting has become a general phenomenon, what used to be frown upon behavior is now, if I may say, generally…

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VIDEO – Animal-Sex-tourism Industry Is Booming In Denmark. Interview With Zoophiles

Bestiality is having a weird renaissance in Europe. Perhaps ironically, it kicked off when activists succeeded in banning the practice…

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New Zealand Teenage Boy Comically Remakes Fashion Looks of Jennifer Lawrence And Other Female Celebrity

New Zealand high school student Liam Martin has created quite the buzz with his Instagram account (@waverider_), where he has…

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New Hacked & Leaked NSFW Pictures of Big Bang Theory Star Kaley Cuoco

As Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice pursue legal action against the hackers and others found posting their stolen…

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Check Out The All-Black ‘Lamborghini’ Chicken

Despite what you might think, the poor chap in the picture above isn’t the victim of a horrible oil spill.…

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Photoshoot Capturing Many Years After Being Playboy Bunnies by Robyn Twomey

Robyn Twomey is a freelance photographer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Time, Fortune, New York Times…

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The Numbers Behind The Sub-Reddit “The Fappening” Released [infographic]

Reddit is notorious for having a subreddit for every imaginary idea or interest one can think of. The is virtually…

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Kaley Cuoco Refuses To Play Victim In Hacked Celebrity Nudes on 4Chan

Kaley Cuoco was among dozens of celebs targeted by hackers who leaked their intimate personal photos online. But Kaley Cuoco…

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Ji Yeo Questions Female Beauty With Photo Series Of Women With Eating Disorders And Hollywood Models (NSFW)

Brooklyn-based photographer Ji Yeo creates Somewhere on the Path, I See You, a project in which the photographer captures two…

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David Jay’s – The SCAR Project – Emotionally Raw, Honest, Sincere Images of Breast Cancer Patients Showing Their Bodies after Surgery Saved Their Lives

International fashion photographer David Jay started The SCAR Project in New South Wales’ capital of Sydney after a close friend…

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A Tour Inside an Artificial Vagina Factory in Spain

Czechoslovakia born actress Eufrat also known as Jana Potysová who is known for her role in Red News (2009), Pretty…

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Global Twerking Competition at the Fraules Dance Centre in Siberia

Twerking has just become a global sport. The booty shaking phenomenon reached world competitions status in Siberia, at the Fraules…

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Dulcolax Has Managed To Make The Nastiest & Creative Laxative Ad Ever: Poop in Butt Prison

At first glance, this Dulcolax ad draws you in with its warm sepia tones and lovely vignetted glow. Then you…

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SD Holman’s Intimate and Groundbreaking Portraits Of Female Masculinity In BUTCH: Not Like The Other Girls.

Talented Photographer SD Holman uses her talent as a portrait photographer to capture a very important section of society who…

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Famed London Gallerist Steve Lazarides Discusses Banksy And The Future Of Street Art

Steve Lazarides is a famed London art gallery owner popularly known for his role as agent for the graffiti artist,…

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The Russian Twerk Dance Group, DHQFraules Releases Yet Another Explosive Twerk Video.

In 2013, believe it or not, the word twerk was added to the Oxford Dictionary Online. The Oxford dictionary said…

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Janice Haley, Florida Woman Keeps Two Pet Tigers In Her Backyard And Plays With them Like Kittens

57-year-old Janice Haley of Orlando, Florida thinks about tigers complete differently. She doesn’t she how they are dangerous wild carnivorous…

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