Coca Cola Made A Selfie Bottle Because We All Need

Coca-Cola is known for its cool unique marketing techniques, especially around Christmas season’s red white theme which the brand has incorporated as its own. This year we’ve seen the coke bottle come with a label that gift-wraps the bottle when a thread is pulled.

Nifty! What’s more, they’ve now introduced a selfie-snapping bottle which features a camera. That’s right, a camera attached to a bottle for clicking selfies. The bottle clicks a selfie every time it tips past a 70-degree angle, so whenever you take a swig of coke, it clicks a selfie of you automatically.

The bottle is fitted with an in-built camera at its base and a sensor to detect when it is tilted to 70-degree, at which point the camera takes a snap of its owner mid-drink, Drum News reported on Friday.

The “Selfie Bottle” has been devised by Gefen Team for the Coca-Cola Summer Love campaign — Israel’s largest outdoor brand event.

However, there are no reports when the “Selfie Bottle” will make it to the market.

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