Didactic Rush Limbaugh Confuses both Staff and Listeners

Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word “concomitant” during his radio broadcast on Friday generated an unexpected controversy among his staffers leading to intermittent interruptions of his broadcast.

Apparently, his staff might have not heard the word before and thought the Ace broadcaster had made up the word. The situation forced Rush Limbaugh to ask his staff to look up the word on more than one occasion.

The on- air episode prompted his audience to flood the Merrian Webster’s Website to look for the meaning resulting in a search spike of concomitant. The word means related, connected, associated, accompanying; depending on the context.

As the situation unfold, Merrian Webster lexicographer Kory Stamper tweeted, “Lookups! concomitant” spiking now because Rush Limbaugh used it and had to defend its wordiness on-air.

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