Gotham Recap – Season 01, Episode 06 – “Spirit of the Goat”

Time to delve back into Gotham and this week the show opens up with a very not nice looking gentleman talking to himself in a mirror before putting on a mask and heading off to kill some people. He is the spirit of the goat, according to what he was saying. Harvey is out with someone not Jim and they had a hunch which pays off in finding the spirit of the goat guy. Harvey actually rushes in without back up even though his partner tells him no heroes.

Sadly Shelly is dead, but the goat man is still there. After they try to get the guy to give up, he ends up getting shot by Harvey and sadly his partner with him is an officer down. The flashback ends and we come up on modern day with a girl spread like Shelly was. Meanwhile, Gordon is not on duty yet he is having an argument with Barbra. In the end he agrees to tell her what he can before heading out to work.

Meanwhile the other duo is canvassing the pier looking for information on Gordon and the shooting. They get a man to say he saw Gordon shooting, but who says he is really reliable? Gordon finally gets to the murder scene and Harvey is having a fit about it. Gordon and Harvey go to see the family and find themselves getting stonewalled by the family therapist, she does not think the dad is suited to handle this situation, funny that Harvey says no one is and I could not agree with him more. Geek boy Nigma has an odd scene with a Lady in records called Kristin Kringle she sure does not seem to like him.

Meanwhile, Penguin goes and sees his Mom. She of course, thinks that he has been with a hussy or as she said “tangled in some hussies demon purse.” After he finally gets it across that there was no other woman that they tried to kill him she seems to forgive him. When Harvey and Gordon go to see the body it turns out that there is a piece of information that was left out it was never seen. Turns out that indeed it was done on this new body as well. The case is turning into not being a copy cat. While back at Wayne Manor, Alfred is trying to get Bruce to leave town so the goat does not come after him.

Nigma has started doing a new file system and Ms. Kringle does not appreciate it at all it bothers her. This writer thinks Nigma is really odd and Ms. Kringle seems to agree. Harvey and Gordon go to see Dicks, who it turns out survived his fall, although it put him in a chair. Gordon gets a speech from Dicks about how Harvey is a white knight and always jumping into the breech. Gordon of course doesn’t believe him. Then we see a little show of Harvey paying for Dick’s room and he also orders magazines every month for his old partner. Maybe he does have a heart, this might be why this week he is upgraded to a name by this writer.

Meanwhile the goat strikes again first taking out a maid and then kidnapping a pretty rich blonde girl. Meanwhile Barbra goes to talk to the other Detective she is trying to tell her that Gordon is not a murderer. Then it turns out a warrant is going to be issued and Barbra is being told to run. Gordon and Harvey get a lead and it leads them to the last place we saw the Goat. Spooky. This time they arrive before the girl has been killed and Harvey takes off after the goat. There is some fighting and they end up going down the stairs when the Goat is about to hammer Harvey Gordon gets involved and decks him out a good one. Harvey even compliments him for that one.

Cat breaks into Wayne manor, though the window appeared to be open so it’s more like let herself in without asking she sees what Bruce is studying. Of course she has sticky fingers and also helps herself to some fine silver off the desk and makes a run for it as Alfred comes in.

Oswald is with his Mom again taking a hot bath and Mom steamed his suit. He really is just a large child, isn’t he? There is a time when you need to be old enough to not have your mom sponge you down in the tub Oswald.

Harvey is not satisfied witch catching the bad guy. He thinks there is something bigger at play both men worked for companies that serviced buildings, both were mentally ill and both had no violent history. He thinks something found them. Gordon goes home thanks to Harvey suggesting it and ends up seeing something as he watches their criminal.

When Jim gets home Barbra has packed and she says they have to go that there is a warrant. Gordon says that he can’t run. There is a knock at the door and out fearless hero is arrested. Well, if our friend penguin wants a friend, he better you know show the cops that he is not dead, he seems to think that Gordon is his friend.

Harvey in the meantime goes to the Hastings house to talk to the therapist. Looks like he saw some kind of trigger with the other man, the clenching of his fist. The therapist is surely not catching on to what he is getting at and leading onto until he brings up both of the Goat men. She starts getting this look on her fast as he brings up the Spirit of the goat, she underestimated him and says so.

Apparently the woman thinks that she is giving Gotham therapy, she thinks that the rich people of Gotham to her have shot down hope and taken it down. Negative reinforcement. When Harvey tries to arrest her, she gives a key word, the Golden Temple is open now kill this man and Mr. Hastings attacks. Luckily Harvey gets away and shoots the Doctor in the leg.

Gordon gets brought into the station and is causing a huge fuss and Harvey is about to get arrested too for siding with Gordon. That is when Oswald shows up and says oh so simply, “I am Oswald Cobblepot” and Harvey goes off at the hinges. Turns out when Gordon was telling them he did not kill the man (which we knew he didn’t as viewers) he was telling the truth. Yeah, Harvey is not happy.

So ends another episode of Gotham. Not the strongest of the season so far if you ask me, but still very enjoyable. The show is starting to get deeper into the storyline and not wrapping everything up in a nice bow at the end of an episode. Well done for the writing team. We have our villains, starting to take shape and show their colors more while Gordon is setting up to firmly be the man we know he is. Sometimes you have to take a few turns here and there, but mostly he is a solid guy who does his job and really wants to protect the people of Gotham.

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