The Blacklist Recap – Season 02 Episode 06 – “The Mombasa Cartel”

We open up on a small village with a young boy doing some farm work this week on the Black list. Of course, while he is doing the workmen with guns show up and shoot the family because apparently the man has a big mouth. The only one who does not get shot is the little boy. They steal him and drive off. Then we head to Paris where a man in a fancy hotel is choked out and tagged like a cow, I wish I was kidding but the man was literally tagged like a cow. Meanwhile, on a beach a man and his Grandson fined a skeleton like corpse washed up on the river bank.

Lizzie and Red are watching about Tigers in India and it turns out the cartel are traffickers. Lizzie is not getting on board because she points out the FBI helps people not animals until Red reminds her how much the cost is for humans, blood money. Red it turns out, is very passionate about animals and the ones who are having trouble. Ressler meanwhile, is trying to get more of his pain pills and the pharmacist is not playing along.

Lizzie in the meantime takes herself down to her special secret place and finds her guard there on the floor and for all intents dead. The one who comes out of the room who has found her secret turns out to be the sniper fellow who has been following her and he uses the line, “Do you want to tell Reddington or should I?”

Somewhere in the woods a song is playing and a woman comes in on her Husband and says that is beautiful he is the best one yet. What he is? Turns out to be the skin from the body that washed ashore. Alright, we have now entered into the twilight zone. The guy is also working on another body.

Red and Lizzie in the meantime, have a meeting to meet and she has an undercover name to remember and can’t. Red asks if she is okay because she seems distracted. We the viewer know why she is after all whatever she is hiding in that place. Judy or Elsa as Lizzie is being called makes her meeting and it goes well and Red is very pleased with that. The man gives Lizzie and Red the access point they need to get in to start taking the Cartel down. Ressler goes bad cop on the man they pull up on and Lizzie accuses him of being edgy. While they are breaking their guy another man turns up dead, they call it someone is poaching the poachers. Meanwhile, Lizzie won’t tell what the issue is and she has her follower arrested.

Back on the farm there is a bit of a family disagreement and Mom slaps her Son. He is the one who is taking all the risks and kidnapping these people. Alright, yup, still thinks this family is in the twilight zone. Meanwhile, Red purposely leaves his hat behind and what we can assume is his Daughter catches up and gives it to them so he can have a chat with her. The team ends up tagging down on what they can do about going to Alaska and finding the group that once before was taking out Grizzly poachers could it be our weirdo family? Back in the woods, it would appear the one doing the work is a very large Son to his Tiny Mom, yeah, they are still not right in the head glad the team is on it.

Meanwhile, in Alaska Ressler is out of meds and results to licking the bottle following that he slams his thumb in a car door that at least gets him some more medication. Tonight is the night for Skin walker legends (earlier on sleepy hollow this was a tag) and now a farm was bought under the name Windego (skin walker) corp llc. It would seem that Ressler needs to be careful when checking this one out there is also no cell service where he is, of course. He is, as it turns out in the right place Ma grumpy asks him to get off private property.

As he is leaving Ressler sees a cage on the back of the ATV and when he opens it finds, of course the man they had in holding before, poacher and gets knocked out. Lizzie calls Red and lets him know what is going on and asks for his help. Turns out he knows more of what is going on and he says there is a change of plans. Ressler wakes up in a cage along with the poacher guy with lots of music. Family weirdo says “Remember, only the animals that are tagged happy hunting.” Ressler is going through withdrawals and his little buddy calls him on it before getting shot in the chest with a crossbow and big boy weirdo howls like a hunting dog. Weirdo Son turns out to be the Son of the man Lizzie met with earlier and who shows up to see him? Red of course! Go Red kick him in the rear end.

HRT and Lizzie go over the rumors in town about the woman and her children. Apparently the younger boy was never reported for anything but sightings. When Ressler comes upon a camp site with music in the middle of the woods he sees the projects all of the stuffed men. Yuck. While back in the States Red has his buddy sitting and going over one of his speeches. Turns out our supposed man who was taking care of wildlife is part of the poaching and boy does it make Red mad. The man he thought was a great fighter for animals turns out to only care about controlling the natural monopoly and Red still thinks it is crap. Saying that it is not about conservation it is about consolidation. Red demands the whole of the Cartel or else he shoots the guy.

Ressler thought he got smart by sitting around the fire along with the other stiffs. Sadly for him the withdrawals catch up with him and his cup starts rattling. He might have gone with something that wouldn’t have given him away. Our weirdo boy gets him by the throat, but Ressler gets him with a bit of arrow that he broke off and makes another run for it. While this is going on the HRT team moves in while Mom weirdo is making the perfect bath for her little boy. He arrives with blood oozing out of him and she screams. The HRT team puts a flash bang and ends up killing one Son, while Mom and looney baby are in the bathtub together and she pulls the electrical player in with them. Well I guess at least everyone bought the farm?

Red gets a Usb flash job of the cartel like he wanted. Red then tells about a story how he found a boy whose whole family had been killed. A boy who had been used as a whore until he was 14. So Red took him and saw to his education. We know who he is talking about his Dembe. Guess who is then in the house? Dembe and he actually asks Red not to kill the man that it would serve no purpose now. Red shoots the man anyways he doesn’t think of himself as a good man, but he thinks of Dembe as one. Dembe does not look to broken up about it.

In the aftermath Lizzie finds Ressler’s gun and badge and the pills she pours them out of the bottle and sees not many left. In the end she gives the bottle back to Ressler however. Finally, in the last moments Lizzie is back in her room and giving a speech about how she thought about telling Red then we finally see what is in the room, her Husband who declares you can’t hide me forever.

A solid episode that is taking us into the Fall Finale things can only get more ramped up from here!

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