Sleepy Hollow Episode 6 Recap: ‘Even God Thought the Devil Was Beautiful’

Sleepy Hollow opens with Crane saying he can’t stand this torture and when it pulls back looks like he is doing yoga and strengthening his arms, legs and buns. Well, he may not want to talk about it or find Yoga soothing but the female watchers of the show wish to thank Crane for having his hair out of its usual cue for a bit.

Crane is still upset that Katrina hid things from him and he finally admits to being peeved and disappointed and most of all hurt. When Abby asks him what will make him feel better since yoga doesn’t they end up at a bar and Crane knows how to down a beer.

Abby goes to break up a bar fight and turns out one that is involved is the former Sheriffs Son. He served and was back a week ago. The man seems angry, rightfully so about his Dad but there is something else under the surface because when Abby says she is sorry about what happened to his platoon. He gets angry and says she is a charity case who got his Dad killed, ouch. Abby admits that she used to baby sit for him and the kid used to look up to her and wear a superman cape.

This ends up in another funny scene with Crane trying to remember who superman is, his first guess is Peter Parker but he corrects himself that Peter Parker is the “arachnid fellow” he does eventually get it. Shortly after a call comes across the line that there is a complaint involving Joe Corbin. Meanwhile Crane plays with the breathalyzer and Abby almost runs over a creepy looking monster in the woods. Crane with his hair still down and Abby find those who were in the woods two dead and Joe not looking so great either.

Joe clearly very strongly blames Abby for his Dad’s death and he also blames her for his Dad pushing him away. Back in the asylum our former Captain confronts Crane’s son about stealing his soul. Apparently the only way to get his own soul back is to take a life a soul for a soul. The man who he is trying to get him to kill the man that put his daughter in a wheelchair. He says he won’t do it.

While back in the library Crane brings up that it is odd that Joe is the one who survived and that he called for his Father. Abby tries to say it was what is done in a moment for trauma. Crane says that dying men at war call out for their Mothers not their Fathers and then goes into a story about some time he spent with Daniel Boone. He is annoyed to find out that he is remembered as the “guy with a raccoon on his head”, and does a funny American accent to show it. He also tells about what happened in Valley Forge how some men turned into cannibals and Daniels brother was one of them and he wore the hat to cover the scars. In the end it turns out Joe may be a skin walker who eats human organs to return to the right form.

Abby and Crane go to Joe’s apartment and have an interesting chat about video games before finding the Sheriff’s last will and testament. There is something that needs protecting which was left for him and Joe is searching for it it comes across in some numbers. There is a box hiding in the dirt that our boy Joe finds and brings out when Abby and Crane find him they offer help again. Joe of course makes a run for it the downside is that Crane gets hung up on some wire and bleeds causing Joe to make the turn as he does he tells Crane to run and he does as fast as he can. Abby finds tranquilizer gun and shoots the beast a lot of times before he finally crashes down. They get it down in the cell and call in Hawley. Crane is bandaging himself up looking annoyed about Hawley and Abby’s sister shows up with some fresh organs from the Medical school and tosses them to the beast, well that is one way to feed your pet. It works however and the beast turns back into Joe and Hawley is off to research cures.

Joe is forced to accept that Abby might be able to help him. Joe says it happened to him as he got a letter covered in human bone well there is what our boy nasty Crane son did with his Bone he was mashing up before. Once the story gets fully told Abby and Crane know it was Henry and so they look into the box to see what it is. Turns out there is a very large bottle of very deadly poison called Jenkin. They lock it up firmly and Crane goes to apologize to Joe for his Son’s “rebellious phase”. Joe pegs Crane right away as a solider says it is the posture. It is a fairly nice moment sadly it does not last because they find out that the next transformation that Joe makes is going to be permanent. Crane then gets sent along with Hawley to speak to some Shawnee. Hawley is about to get his foot served to him and Crane steps in and manages to make nice by spotting a fox foot. The men wont help him until he brings up Squire Boone and that certainly gets their attention and then they agree to help.

Abby shares a sweet moment with Joe telling him how much his Dad loved him but that he always had to help people. Reminding him that no matter how bad things got between them he never gave up. Sadly the moment is interrupted by Henry and his goons with guns. Jenny manages to sneak up and has a gun on one man but no one is dropping guns. Henry wants the Jenkin but no one is going to give it up until there is going to be a blood bath, Joe is the one who steps in and wants no one to be harmed in trade.

Well, we know how Henry works so that is not going to work out, Joe goes and gets it however and hands it over he also goes with Henry to get his cure, that will end badly for everyone. Henry cuts Joe’s arm and says that his true curse is Humanity and he is now truly a creature of war. Well Abby did try to tell Joe it would not work.

Our man Irving is trying to make amends with the man who harmed his Daughter but he ends up almost killing the man he stops himself in time however. Way to go! Crane and Hawley arrive at the cell with a cure.

Turns out it has to be a skull with a knife and a lot of particular things must be followed. The downside is that if Joe has already eaten organs again it is to late but the knife will kill him if that is the case, the group head out to find him and both Abby and Crane cut their hands to draw Joe in and it works. They lure him in and crane makes the cut with the dagger and starts the spell with the skull. The first time he says the phrasing it does not work and Crane is sure they are to late.

Crane tries to finish it but Abby will not give up on Joe and it turns out she was right, finally ha makes the turn back and Crane gives up his coat to cover the man. Score one for the good guys and they go a new team member. When we come to the library again with Abby and Joe she shows him around and then thy find Crane is gaming online and he got fragged. Joe then asks if Abby will write him a letter of recommendation to join Quantico and Irving calls her and says what he did.

Abby wants to take Henry out but Crane says that Katrina believes there is still some good in him and he has to fight for his Son. Meanwhile that Son has created a nasty looking spider from the Jenkin that he sends after his Mother and it goes right into her mouth.

Well that was an intense episode with a lot of twists and turns in it. We are really getting into the big fight and a lot of questions for the soul. It is interesting how the horseman of death now seems to be second fiddle to everything else.

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