Is It Legit to Get Professional Essay Writing Assistance?

Get Professional Essay Writing

This question is both about ethics and practice. On the one hand, students are interested in whether they are in danger when getting essay writing assistance, from another hand, they want to know whether they break some moral rules, Honor Codes, etc. We will try to analyze this question impartially, and let you decide for yourself.

Legal Aspect

First of all, everything depends on the rules of your college. It is a common misconception that any type of professional essay writing assistance in banned in any type of educational institutions. For example, if you use professional essay writing assistance from specialized services to write and proofread your papers, or to help you with structure, in most cases it won’t be considered illegal. It means that everything depends on context, and on your particular high school, college or university. You can ask your professor or advisor what is seen as legit essay writing help, if you are concerned not to break any rules. However, you should remember, that professors are limited in answers in such situations – they may think one way, but answer another way just to follow all the orders to the dot. It may be confusing. At the same time, you can structure your question to be more specific. For example, get to know whether you can address an essay writing tutor or not, whether you can use paid editing sources online, etc.Eassy writing service

Moral Aspect

Much more questions related to professional essay writing assistance lies in the field of moral aspect and ethics. And again, there is no direct answer, as all the situations are different. However, we’ve talked to students and professors, and combined their answers to explain when addressing a professional writing service for help should be considered ethical and legit:

  • If you do it because you are physically unable to finish your paper on time, and your professor, based on incomprehensive reasons doesn’t want to relate to your problems. Here, we don’t try to protect lazy students. But we all know those situations, when you get sick, and your professor can care less.
  • Your writing load is unbearable. We all study at our own pace, we can’t copy others, we are not alike. Of course, there are some standards which educational process is based on, but those standards are vividly discussed now as too demanding. So, at some point we can call those standards unethical.
  • If you do it not often. We don’t support students looking for someone to write their essays immediately after they face any challenge. It is an educational process, and it is only logical that it is not easy. However, if you address writing services, tutors, etc. from time to time, and it is not your classical way of dealing with challenges, then everything is fine, just don’t make it your habit.
  • Force majeure. Even banks are not liable for money losses in situations of force majeure.

There are more situations in which addressing a writing service for help can be considered ethical, but they are more personalized. It is important to have your own system of coordinates and act according to it. If you feel disturbed buying papers online, despite the fact your friends do it – don’t follow their example. If you know that what you do, you do not out of laziness, than it is absolutely legal to ask for essay writing assistance. Many of demands students have to deal in high-school or college are strongly exaggerated and should be analyzed and changed. You final goal is to stay sane and graduate – it is your right to choose means using which you will achieve your goal.


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