Jaz Sinclair Talks When The Bough Breaks

Since Glenn Close boiled a bunny in revenge, “the other woman” has gotten a bad rap – often described as mad, stormy, lascivious or just downright wrong. There is an aura of misogyny surrounding the archetype – as if a woman is just a lover drove away from losing their minds and destroying everything in their path.

Which is why it is interesting to talk to up-and-comer Jaz Sinclair (the “other woman” of When the Bough Breaks), the speed with which it justifies the actions of the character of a rational place and surprisingly benevolent.

It would be easy to portray Anna, the surrogate mother holding hostage unborn baby of a couple well-to-do, as unrepentantly evil and malicious; but Sinclair approached the character of the opposite view – a woman who wants to do good and help this couple, but loses its way in the process. It is a progressive take on what may be a type of character rather worn.

In the following interview with Sinclair, she discusses her character’s motivations, how her approach changed over the course of production and her favorite femme fatales.

On finding the motivations for her enigmatic character — Anna

On how Anna and her approach to the character changed during production onWhen the Bough Breaks

On her research process for the role

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