Penguin’s Reaction To A Cheating Wife

National Geographic’s savage video of a penguin discovering his wife is cheating on him—and then fighting her new man—put Twitter on a rollercoaster of emotions Friday.

Viewers knew the video was going to switch from G-rated March of the Penguins to a bloody mess when the narrator said, “But this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin…” From there, the husband and the other homewrecking penguin (narrator’s words, not mine) start to beat each other to a bloody pulp. “He flips out. His strategy is simple: batter the homewrecker,” the narrator says.

A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin.

Horrified viewers then learn penguins’ flippers have solid bones that they use like “baseball bats,” hitting each other with up to eight blows a second. The match ends in a stalemate and they call the female penguin to decide who won—and of course, she picks the homewrecker. But the husband isn’t going down that easy and picks another fight. If the penguins gouging each other’s eyes wasn’t sickening enough, the female is called to choose again and again she goes with the homewrecker.

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