Slovakian Batman Arrested for Allegedly Molesting an Underage girl

Zoltan Kohari, a 29-year-old Slovakian man who dresses up as Batman to aid police in their fight against crime has been arrested after being accused of molesting an underage girl.

Kohari started dressing up as Batman three years ago, helping locals in his hometown of Dunajska Streda in the south western part Slovakia.

His bid to fight crime caught the attention of locals, with neighbour Lenka Brezikova saying: “He has had a tough life but he is doing good now, helping to keep an eye on the public.” according to British Tabloid the Mirror UK.

The unemployed 29-year-old is now facing charges of sexually assaulting a young girl alongside a separate charge of loan fraud.

A police spokesman said: “Regarding the abuse charge, he was initially arrested in 2013 and sentenced to four years in prison, but the judge suspended the verdict saying he wanted a further investigation done.


“Kohari was supposed to appear in court this month but failed to do so and so an arrest warrant was issued.” Kohari lives on his own in an abandoned building with no water, heat or electricity.

Cops says he is also wanted in connection with a loan fraud after he applied for a loan of around $40,000 but received only some $3,000. However, a loan was later given to a company that had been set up in his name. Kohari denies any wrongdoing.

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