‘Scandal’ Recap: Rowan Outsmarts Olivia, Jake and The Presidents In A Deadly Way – The Last Supper

Last week left us with the three meeting in the bunker and that is where we open up this week. With Jake saying, so now your telling me I am innocent. Which we all knew anyways. Jake is angry and rightfully so and he tells the leader of the free world how he is going to refer to him as Captain Ballard not Jake.

Jake also wants to kill Rowan not put him in jail. Turns out the big plan is not to release Jake, because Rowan will know about it. Well, this has turned into a bit of a pissing match and Liv has to remind him that they stand in the sun seems to be their little phrase for one another. It calms him down and he likes to rub it in Fitz face.

Just when Fitz is ready to walk, he drops the bomb about all the files that he has to use as evidence. Well done Jake. Fitz even offers his hand to shake. I still see more fights coming between the two of them.

Back up in the land of the Sun Liv is sitting in an uncomfortable meeting with Elizabeth North. She apparently thinks her phone is bugged or being remotely accessed. So the team takes her on and they are working on finding out what is going on. There is an amusing note between them when Liv plain old says I don’t like you and why, but she will take the case.

Meanwhile, some glad hander (the VP) is on his way out after a speech, but he diverts and takes time to shake hands with staff that had to wait outside. It is a good thing that he does because the car he was on his way to blows up. Rowan meanwhile, calls Liv and has his whine that she did not call or show up for dinner. Rowan really has very few real people skills doesn’t he?

He even calls his own daughter spoils of war. Yeah, way to make her come back to your side. Then he says you will always have a place at my table, I guess that is a little better but not much. Liv may be starting to agree with Jake on the killing part because she looks downright disgusted.

Melly meanwhile storms into the office of the Vice President all a flutter and worried and saying all the medical things he needs to have done. Then she makes the people bandaging up his little wounds to get out so she can kiss on him. Well the first Lady is getting up to no good because the kissing goes very quickly to much more. Can’t really blame her not like Fitz stays loyal though she really has no right to complain about it.

Liv’s team finds some tracing stuff on Elizabeth’s phone, but the military is on a big turn with Rosen. They go and collect the files and work on Rosen’s security clearance to get him in. From there Jake and company make sure he has everything he needs to bring Rowan down. There are some covert messages being shared between Rosen and Jake about how the files should have been used months ago and it is a chance for redemption.

Fitz keeps trying push on Liv and Fitz is not amused, but he seems to be taking some in stride that she doesn’t know what she wants him or Jake but once again he gets all greasy and keeps saying kiss me. I don’t know, maybe it is this writer, but there is just something that bugs me when he pushes himself into her space like he does. In the end she does as she always does and gives in and kisses him. He looks rather smug with himself about it too.

Quinn meantime is bored watching some guy on a stake out. The stake out is about the guy who killed the Daughters and such, but Huck calls and gives her some information about who is spying on Elizabeth North. It turns out to be Cyrus and Liv has a meeting with him. He confesses to Liv about his boyfriend and why he bugged the phone and he asks for her help.

She says that she is a client, but Cyrus points out that these people are out for blood and will take Fitz down too. We don’t get the reply right away and next we see Liv in the office and she finds Huck with his Son. Liv has to bring up is the Mother or the Law going to see him as the Father. Huck responds by asking if she has a work related request for him. Huck also brings up the law, but he does his work and finds out when Elizabeth North has on Cyrus.

There are pictures and videos and for once Cyrus does seem to be genuinely upset about what he has done how he compromised. Liv outright lies to Elizabeth saying that it was a virus.

Liv gets Cyrus to take the rest of the night off and then she goes to see Jake. He assures her that she is going to get him out of the bunker he is. Jake says he’s grateful, but that it would be easier for her to dance off into the sun with Fitz. That is when Liv says that he should never talk about her and the sun and another man again.

The bad news is, even though Cyrus did what Liv wanted and took the night off and did not see his boy toy the boy toy shows up at his house after pulling some strings. Cyrus looks very angry and upset and is telling him not to start things with his Daughter there. When Cyrus tells him to turn around and bend over looks like things could get dirty or well dangerous and of course they end up getting to be a bit of both with Cyrus going all Dom on the guy.

Liv gets the news that the only information Michael gave to Elizabeth was the base closings. Liv goes and corners him and asks why he didn’t leak more and do more damage. Michael then also gives Liv information about where a secret apartment is so Huck gets down with the bugging of the place. Meanwhile the boys are fighting and Liv not much longer later makes a tearful call to her Father. She is sobbing and telling him that she does not want to be angry at him anymore. That is when she says she wants dinner with him. Once she hangs up, she pulls it together and lets the boys know when they will be going and where.

Liv drops the bomb to Cyrus that Michael cares about him and thinks he is a good man that is why he didn’t share more information. While on the stake out when Elizabeth shows up to her love nest Huck sends his son out of the van to get some ice cream. The bomb drops when Quinn shows up and turns out Elizabeth is meeting with her guy and then the Vice President shows up.

The affair is between the Vice President and Elizabeth North. The other bad guy breaks into the van attacking Quinn and Huck. Huck ends up winning and killing the guy, but his Son sees it. Then runs off.

Liv ends up meeting her Father, and he gives her a speech about how he knows he is not perfect and how he wanted her to be the best. Among a lot of other words that you would want to hear from a Father. Then he launches into how he is leaving because of her that the men the team are dead because of her and they are taken out by snipers.

The documents that Rosen and his team have turned out to be nothing but blank paper. Command did his job fantastically it would seem. Then after his big speech he leaves and that is that.

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