Small Device Pokemon GO Plus Review and Price

The Pokémon Go Plus does not solve all about the game, but significantly reduces frustration milling of resources in the game, and lets you advance in the game while focusing on other things.

Pokemon Go fever could have stopped in recent times, but only just seen the launch of the portable Pokemon Go Plus.

The Bluetooth device, which can be connected to a tape or use as a bracelet, allows you to play a more limited version of Pokemon Go without having to keep an open application on your phone.

But how exactly does it work laptop? Is it better that using the application itself? And it is good enough to revive a fashion that many believe is now passé?

The Pokemon Go Plus is priced at $ 34.99 (£ 34.99 / AU $ 49.95) and is for sale worldwide.

The best place to buy laptop at the moment is from your area Official Store Nintendo, as there are a lot of dealers on sites like Amazon charge almost twice the recommended retail price of the device.

The laptop itself is surprisingly large, measuring 33 mm wide by 44 mm long almost. Out of the box the device is configured with a small clip to allow engages in a shirt pocket or belt.

If you want to use with the band appearing in promotional photos that will have to unscrew the clip back and fitted screw back the band. This is the same way access to the device’s battery, not have to change very often thanks to Bluetooth low energy protocol uses the device is obtained.

In the center of the face of the laptop is only button on the device, which functions as an indicator light.

The process of linking the Plus model to your phone is easy enough.

Once satisfied that the application has been updated to support the latest version Plus, enable Bluetooth on your phone and simply enter the application settings to find the Pokemon Go Plus menu.

Once here, press the button on the device itself to put it in pairing mode, and then select it in the game menu.

After this point a small logo Pokemon dress Go Plus on the main game screen appears, and you can link and unlink the device by simply pressing the logo and then pressing the button on the device.

It is a well thought out process and meant that we were able to quickly get the paired device when we wanted to go for a quick Push-walk.

How does it work

Using the Pokemon Go usable Plus you can do most of what is possible in the application, but not all.

You can activate Pokestops and catch Pokémon you’ve already caught before, but will not be able to fight in gyms or catch new Pokémon. You know what you are doing the device by the color of their light.

Blue flashes tell you’re near a Pokestop and green tells you that there is a Pokemon available to catch.

Then press the flashing to interact with the object in its environment button and the device it will flash to tell if you have been successful or not.

When catching a Pokémon white light will flash three times before either making a multicolor flash to indicate success or red flashing to indicate failure.

If you want to see what really has been doing in the game, you can check your daily, or alternatively, the phone displays a notification after each event, telling you that you have gotten from a Pokestop or Pokemon that either have or they have failed to capture.

It would be nice if you could put the device into some kind of distance tracking mode only allows you to work in hatching eggs without being disturbed by other notifications, but the device is largely one usable only mode.

The usefulness of Pokemon Go Plus is totally dependent on what we are trying to achieve in the game.

If you go on the hunt for new Pokémon, then the device does not offer much help. That does not let you catch new Pokemon, and no way to check what Pokémon are close (but again the functionality nearby monitoring has not yet been set in the game anyway).

Similarly, if you’re looking to fight in the gym then the Plus will not help you out, because that is a feature that can only be accessed through the application itself.

But when the device works very well is if agriculture Pokemon for candy in order to feed and developments to power them up.

You can take Pokemon much faster and easier than using the application, and there is something very satisfying about finishing a walk and then sort through all the Pokémon you’ve captured.

The Portable Plus is also very useful if you are working on getting the eggs hatched. It is very easy to earn kilometers if you do not constantly have the application open on your phone.

It is worth noting that the laptop does not contain a GPS tracker of their own, and thus problems with tracking the distance within the application unfortunately remain when the Plus is used.

With Bluetooth low energy protocol used by the device is the clock lithium battery should last a significant amount of time.

But we are more interested in how the Plus reduces the voltage application in the life of the phone battery. The combination of GPS tracking application and 3D graphics means that an external battery was an essential part of the arsenal of any Pokemon trainer.

These problems are not completely resolved by the Plus. The phone still have to use their own GPS, and also has to communicate with the device via Bluetooth.

But the most intensive part of any phone battery is the screen, and by using more usable sign can avoid having to use the phone screen at all while playing.

So while your battery still be affected by playing Pokemon Go, which should not be so bad when the laptop is used.

One of the biggest problems with Pokemon Go at this time is routine. You have to take dozens and dozens of Pokemon in order to acquire enough candy to evolve into something new.

The Pokemon Go Plus works fantastically in reducing this routine. You can put it on before going for a walk and pay minimal attention.

It also makes much less frustrating to play. Only discovered when fleeing Pokemon when you look at your phone at the end of a ride, and this reduces the frustration of being excluded from a capture.

Does not completely solve the problems of the game. The location of new Pokémon is not possible with the laptop, and mechanical gymnastics game still feels half-baked.

But if you are someone who continues to open the application every time you go for a walk just to pick up a little sweeter and Hatch some eggs then the Plus makes the experience much less frustrating.

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